What is TikTok Marketing?

If you like the digital world and your social network profiles are active, it is very likely that you have already heard of TikTok. A Chinese social network that, although born in 2016, has only a couple of years of growing popularity in America and many other countries.

TikTok is characterized by popularizing short videos and its format has been the perfect breeding ground for challenges and viral campaigns that brands have taken advantage of in an incredible way. Informality and spontaneity are its strengths, allowing brands to give themselves permission to be more relaxed and share content “without manuals”.

What is TikTok and how does it work?

This application, available in more than 150 countries, today has more than one billion users worldwide, of which 175 million are in the United States (that is, more than half of the country’s population). The most striking thing is that it is a highly addictive network since 80% of active users use it at least once a month.

Recently, the world learned that TikTok crossed 2 billion downloads, after the best quarter for any app. Data like this shows that TikTok’s future will be different from Snapchat’s and that we have a new social network that you should be on if you want to achieve new opportunities with your brand.

Which brands have used TikTok the most?

TikTok trends are marked by challenges and choreography led by trendy singers like Camilo, and The Weeknd; reports from institutions like the World Health Organization, social movements like Black Lives Matter and rituals of self-care and exercise at home.

The fact that TikTok users are the youngest on the Internet has not stopped the creation of brands, institutions, and even government offices that have found creative ways to connect with GenZ. Here are the ones that stand out the most:

  • Chipotle: this American restaurant has more than 600 thousand followers on TikTok and has managed to connect with its audience through fun and fresh videos.
  • NBA: for its TikTok content, the National Basketball Association of the United States moves away from its usual ideas and relaxes a bit, sharing practices, dances of players and mascots, funny videos in locker rooms and training sessions.
  • The Washington Post is one of the most respected newspapers in the United States. However, that has not prevented them from running their TikTok account in an informal and fun way, respecting journalism but showing the faces behind their publications and pieces.
  • Guess: one of the most famous clothing brands worldwide only has 10 videos on its TikTok profile, but it was the first to make a Challenge go viral. They did it with #InMyDenim, which invited users to take pictures and videos of themselves wearing their garments. Simple, fun, and in line with the brand.
  • San Diego Zoo: is one of the most popular zoos in the United States and has managed to win the hearts of more than 1.5 million followers with a simple strategy: cute videos of animals with funny music.

Why is TikTok successful?

Gradually, brands have recognized the usefulness of social networks and digital media to connect with new customers and achieve better sales.

This is mainly because the tools offered by the web to analyze metrics and results are increasingly accurate and have allowed brands to better understand their customers, their needs, and their priorities.

Thus, little by little, large corporations realized the importance of the human factor and of showing the “heart” behind each product. If you want to find great tips and ideas on where to buy tiktok followers, you may visit their page for more info.

TikTok allows that: to show fans, without much makeup and production, who is behind the success of their favorite products, what their singers and bands do, and how their favorite dishes are made.

That connection is sacred, and in this network, they understood it perfectly.

In the following video, we present the BigMac TikTok challenge, a successful strategy of the golden arches brand in which people had to move their hands to the rhythm of the song.

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