Back Pain

Today we talk about the emotional meaning of back pain. We divide it into the cervical dorsal, lumbar, sacral and coccyx areas. A fundamental part of treating back pain is understanding the emotional influence.

Cervical zone:

The upper back corresponds to the region of the heart and the cardiac energy centre. Back pain in this area refers to the first phases of conception, to the basic needs and to the most fundamental structure of the being. The 7 cervical vertebrae refer to communication and the degree of openness to life.

Cervical vertebrae:

  • C1 : is the first cervical vertebra called the ATLAS and serves as a support to the head. It is a pillar that keeps the head in balance. The pain can come from worry, fear, despair about life, negativity, difficulty in expressing emotions. A bad state of C1 is usually accompanied by pains that affect the head, brain, nervous system, etc..
  • C2 : the second cervical vertebra works in close collaboration with C1. It is called AXIS. It is the pivot that allows C1 to move. C2 is connected to the main organs of the senses, i.e. eyes, nose, ears, mouth (tongue). This is why they will be affected when C2 has a malaise.
  • C3 : the third cervical vertebra C3 is an eternal solitary. Because of her position, she cannot count on anyone or work in cooperation with other vertebrae. If C3 is not well, there may be a tendency to isolate and lead to damage to the face (skin, bones or nerves) as well as to the ears and teeth.
  • C4, C5, C6 : the fourth, fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae are located at the level of the thyroid and are closely related to it. It plays a major role in language, voice (vocal cords) and any disharmony in communication. There are frequent complaints and pains that affect the entire verbal communication system: mouth, tongue, vocal cords, pharynx, etc., and all parts of the body that are located between the level of the mouth and shoulders may be affected.
  • C7 : the last cervical vertebra C7 is highly influenced by the whole moral side, beliefs and the spiritual side as well. If you live in harmony with the laws of nature, if you listen to the messages your body sends you and life in general, C7 will work better. Otherwise, C7 may react strongly and may affect hands, elbows and arms that may become inflamed or have difficulty moving.

Dorsal zone:

The dorsal zone is the central area of our spine, just below the shoulders. This is the area that most people tend to lean forward, with the feeling of carrying a heavy weight on their back.

The decontracting massage is very advisable in these cases, and later to combine it with a few sessions of acupuncture, they provoke a great improvement.

The central part of the back represents the great thoracic region of the body between the heart and the lumbar vertebrae. It is a region of emotional and affective guilt.

The 12 dorsal vertebrae:

  • D1 : the first dorsal vertebra D1 can react strongly when you go to your limits either at work or in sport, in short, in all situations in which you go to the end of your mental, physical or emotional forces. A bad state of D1 can bring ailments in any part of your body located between your elbows and fingertips as well as respiratory difficulties (cough, asthma, etc.) and a rejection of your environment.
  • D2 : the second dorsal vertebra D2 will react easily when your emotion is affected, for example when you accumulate and drown your emotions. A bad D2 is usually accompanied by discomfort and pain in the heart and the organs that are linked to them, as well as the lungs.
  • D3 : the third dorsal vertebra D3 is essentially related to the lungs and chest. It usually affects people who tend to judge any person or situation.
  • D4 : the fourth dorsal vertebra D4 refers to pleasures, desires, frequently unsatisfied temptations. Sometimes our expectations are excessive, lack even realism and therefore affect you by not seeing them realized. When D4 is affected, it can also follow a difficulty with the gallbladder.
  • D5 : The fifth dorsal vertebra D5 can be affected by finding yourself in a situation where you feel like you are losing control. It should be noted that the poor state of D5 is often accompanied by various ailments affecting my liver and my blood circulation.
  • D6 : the sixth dorsal vertebra D6, will react when you criticize yourself and judge severely. You may have been educated in a very strict environment in which values and guidelines were to be followed to the letter. A bad D6 is usually accompanied by stomach discomfort.
  • D7 : the seventh dorsal vertebra D7 is a forced labourer. It reacts when you push yourself to the limit in the things you have to do, without listening to your body when it needs to rest or relax.
  • D8 and D9 : The eighth and ninth dorsal vertebra D8 and D9 are located at the diaphragm and are closely linked. That is why they are treated together. They are mainly affected when you live an insecurity due to a fear of losing control in a situation or with a person. An injured D8 may be accompanied by pains in the diaphragm and spleen (including blood disorders) while a bad D9 will be accompanied by allergy or a malfunction of the adrenal glands or urticaria.
  • D10 : When the tenth dorsal vertebra D10 is affected, this usually reflects a deep insecurity in front of which you feel without weapons, without resources. A D10 in poor condition is often accompanied by pain in the kidneys, recognized as the seat of fear.
  • D11 : anomalies in the eleventh dorsal vertebra are also found when your nervous system has difficulty functioning. The ailments in the D11 are often accompanied by pain in the kidneys as well as skin diseases (eczema, acne, etc.).
  • D12 : The twelfth dorsal vertebra is affected especially when you live in an enclosed space. A condition at the D12 level is often accompanied by intestinal problems, pain in the joints, poor lymphatic circulation and thus sometimes conditions in the fallopian tubes.

Lumbar area

Normally when there is severe pain in the lower back, there is inflammation and in these cases the type of local massage in this area has to be very gentle. Then we combine it by releasing the rest of the back, or we recommend several sessions of acupuncture to alleviate the pain and inflammation.

When the inflammation has been reduced then it will be possible to massage the whole lumbar area. Often confused with the kidneys and commonly associated with kidney pain, this area is located between the waist and coccyx.

Pain in this region manifests the presence of material insecurities (work, money, goods) and affective. If it is a pinching of the lumbar discs, it is probably because you put too much pressure on yourself to do things to be loved.

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