About Us


The Center specialized in pain, is an institution oriented to the treatment of chronic pain, emphasizing, a disease until today little known and with a high impact on the quality of life of who suffers it, including their families.

In the understanding of the disease, Ogaki CH proposes an interdisciplinary therapeutic alternative called FUSION THERAPY, which integrates techniques and benefits of traditional medicine with the alternative, impacting the different dimensions of the patient.


To offer patients with chronic pain, especially those suffering from fibromyalgia, a high quality comprehensive treatment, provided by professionals with broad technical and human capabilities and in suitable intervention spaces.

A fundamental part of our purpose is linked to educate the patient and their families, promoting spaces for more and more people to learn about the disease, strengthen their skills and have more resources to deal with it in an appropriate manner.


The Center specialized in pain and fibromyalgia Ogaki CH, will be recognized in 2024 as the main reference in the country in the treatment of pain and fibromyalgia, for its comprehensive therapeutic proposal focused on pain relief, rehabilitation and improving the quality of life of patients and their families.


Understanding the suffering of each human being and feeling it as one’s own is the fundamental principle of our actions.

Accompanying the patient at each stage, advancement and relief of his disease, will allow us to be closer, live the disease and propose relevant treatments for each.


Our starting point will be the recognition of the living conditions of our patients, of their silent suffering and the effects they have on their daily lives.

This leads us to mobilize and commit ourselves to continue contributing to improve their welfare and heal their pain.


Motor of life that makes us grow and connect with the other from the depths of being.

Returning to the heart allows us to generate an energy that heals the pain that goes hand in hand with the disease, improving the living conditions of patients.


The continuous accompaniment of our patients in the process of illness, in a kind, efficient and loving way will be our horizon and vital center.

In every contact that patients have with Ogaki CH, there will be a willingness to facilitate the treatment and relief of pain.


We recognize the diversity of thought, social and cultural condition, as natural wealth and axis of respect in the relationship Ogaki CH.

In addition, we are committed to making the disease visible and to studying it, to generating access to treatments and to encouraging more and more people to have knowledge and elements to alleviate their pain.


For us spirituality is in intimate connection with the healing power of nature, art, meditation and self-knowledge.

An essential part of treatment will be to help patients become aware of the moment they are living and to strengthen themselves to cope with the adversities that accompany the disease. May they regain their happiness.

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